Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holograms, Hunny's and Haters

Hellooooooooooooooo again.  Welcome back.  Let's get started!

First off is Holograms.  Now if you've been reading the blog, you may remember THIS post about us wanting to incorporate holograms throughout the city.  This is no longer the case as the city isn't mean't to be futuristic and we don't want to give the impression as such.  

HOWEVER, that being said, we do have gadgets in the city that resemble a little future-tech and one of which will allow you to get a map of the city in hologram form so you can see your position.  Here is our first attempt at this:

Where your character stands in the map is where you are located in the city.  At the moment it doesn't update your location yet but that will be something we are working on for sure.  The idea is to keep as much of the immersion in the game as possible while also freeing up your screen from HUD's and other distracting information.  The green buildings are placeholders for marked locations of importance.

Next up are Hunny's.  Lielah to be exact.  As you last read in THIS post we finished the adult version of Lielah and although that version is locked and ready to be modeled, we still needed a younger version of her.  This is the version we've locked down:

As usual Leandro, our concept artist, did a fantastic job!  

Next, as we promised, here is Metis A.K.A.  The Cockroach King.  He is the evil overlord of the orphan children of Rain and uses them to push his drugs throughout the city.  He's crazier than crazy, just don't say it to his face. ;-)

Looks like the whole gang is coming together slowly and we promise there are many more along the way:

Take care and have a great day!

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