Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lady Lynn and Lag.

Hello one and all.  Sorry for the delay in updates but to be honest, we've all taken a light break at the beginning of the year, regrouped, reassessed and are now back on track working harder than ever.

Lets start off with concept art, since it's pretty amazing.  We have a new character concepted out and they are kinda a big deal.  This character literally owns the entire city in which our story takes place and they were one of the very first character I came up with while writing the story.  I'm proud to introduce, Lady Lynn:

Some interesting facts about her are she's a widow and one of the richest people in the world.  Her wealth is everlasting and her late husband and her decided they wanted to build a Utopian like city where people could live in peace.  After her husbands untimely accident, she became grief stricken and locked herself away in her mansion, abandoning the city to gamblers, druggies, prostitutes, murders, hackers, etc.  

I'm excited to see her come to life as well as so many of the other characters.  Which brings me to me next topic: the city coming to life.

Here is the latest screen grab from out game.  I've recently started adding props into the world and it's scary how much it grows as the world begins to come together.  Check it out:
If you can't tell, I've added barrels, sconces, a sign and a lot of fishing net around this quaint little fishing shop.

Here I've added a small fishing dock and lantern.  I'll add more fishing nets, rope, boats next.  (this was just added a few minutes ago.)

The other additions that might go even more unnoticed is the lighting.  Recently Cryengine has updated their lighting engine which meant all the work I had done making the world look pretty had changed and looked terrible.  I had to go in and pretty much start from scratch finding out that reflections such as the rain on the ground being my most hardest to light.  If not done correctly, the lighting looked really bad.  I'm happy with the new outcome and can't wait to show you more as I add more along.

Hope this small post was worth the wait.  Check back in with us soon for some more music, concept art, and additions!

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