Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Treat.

Here's a small Halloween treat for you all.  Progress continuies with the texturing of all the buildings.  I believe half the city buildings are textured and by the new year my goal is to have the other half finished as well.  Here's a few sneak peeks:

The Blue Wolf will be a night club where the main character goes when he first enters the city.  The inside is already modeled with a long hallway and elevator that drops down into the basement where the nightclub is.   

Here is some experimentation with flares and lights.  I needed a break from texturing and played around for a few minutes.  Can't wait to get a whole street lit.

In other news Leandro has finished three concepts for Lielah.

Lielah plays your sister in the game and is the object in which the whole story is taking place.  She is your kidnapped sister that you must find and rescue from her captor.  At different stages of the story she will be wearing each of these outfits with the one on the right being the last one she wears.

Well, hope you've enjoyed this treat and keep an eye out for more next month!

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