Friday, February 27, 2015

Dionysus and Diligence.

Hello all.  Welcome back. Today we are going to discuss new updates:

First off is badass concept art again by Leandro.  This is Lady Lynn's son Dionysus (and looking quite dapper):

If you look closely you'll see something on him that is super special.  I'll give you a moment to look.

Times up.

On his coat there is a logo of sorts.  This, which will have a larger picture soon, is the family crest for lady lynn and her entire family.  (Lady Lynn's drawing will be updated soon with that crest as well.)

Next up is the main street itself.  I've been working a lot on getting the town set up and making it feel like people could live there.  Here's the interior of the night time fishing shop "Luna Tuna."

This is where you will probably buy and sell items as well as maybe craft a weapon to use against your attackers.  Everything in Rain is a weapon.

Here is the Crimson Castle.  A bar next to Luna Tuna where you can sit and enjoy a drink while listening to whispers of people plotting to rob you:

The city is slowly growing life and soon every nook and cranny will be filled with fun areas to explore, hide and gather information.

In addition to this, we also have a new video of a ladder system we created for the game as well as a fishing boat with sails.  Take a look and let us know what you think! (No, seriously, no one ever comments.  Be the first.)

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