Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blunders and Brevity

I'll keep this short since I have no pictures to post and to keep your interest with this time (Sorry for the long break, I swear I've been working!)

I've had such a long gap between posts because I lost all my limbs in a freak gasoline fight something I'd say if it actually happened....most of you might have already stopped reading by now.

Since my last post I've done many new things.  I started a website for my company.  You can check it out here:

There you can get a little more info about the projects I've been working on while also checking out some of the people who are helping me out with this one (There is even a link back to this blog)  It's like a x-mas present that's come early this year, you're welcome!

SINCE THEN! I've been waiting around for a scriptor, who created the building generator script I've been wanting to use, to fix a issue that wouldn't allow me to export from 3DS Max to Cryengine 3.  After a good two weeks of nagging, he finally told me (in more complicated words) that my problem is something he won't fix right now and good luck, but that's not stopping me from nagging him more.

SO! I have taken it upon myself to root out what elements in his script are exactly causing the issue on the buildings being generated and today found it to be the windows and the fancier indents such as balconies, sidings and pillars.  So I've eliminated them from the models and started creating custom buildings.  HOWEVER, this is a very time consuming project and one building took me about a day to complete (including plotting what material goes where on the model).  Now that I know how long this takes, I'm hoping it won't push back the release date.

ALSO! I've been in 3-4 meeting about this project with my collaborators discussing story/shots/music/ETC and trying to figure out some of the more detailed oriented problems we are facing.  Which, I will admit, has given me a small break from game development (Even though technically not).

BUT! Now I am back you should hear from me again probably before sunday with a screen shot of the first few buildings for COR.

UNTIL! Then, stay away from fights at the gas pumps and also I lied about this being short.  So...that's something to facebook/tweet about.  You're welcome

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