Sunday, October 21, 2012

Building #1 Done-ish

Hello again.  How have you been?  Me, myself?  I've been a bit out of sorts.  Good news, My first fully modeled and textured building is done and has been created it in 3DS Max.  Here is a pic:

Not bad for my first custom model.  Each wall is has custom textures on it even though you can't see them too good in this picture and over 36 different textures on this building.  Brick, cement, wood, metal,  blah blah blah you get the picture... pun intended.

This was meant to be a rough starting ground which would be heavily tweaked once brought into the game engine, however when I exported it, the exporter said it can only allow 30 textures on one material.  I tried playing around to be "cheat" the exporter into letting me have all my 36 textures but for some reason, I can't get it to work.  Maybe cause I spent all day doing textures and it's now 1:30am and my brain stopped working about 2 hours ago.

In other news we officially have a hard deadline for this cinematic project.  We must be completed before early july because we plan on presenting it (for it's premeire) at the 2013 Anime Expo in Los Angeles.  The day we present it, we will also have a link on this website to the youtube video so all you people in the UK, Russia, Germany and everywhere else that reads this blog can take a look at it.  The video should have a custom theme song made my our very own talented composer Luis Zavala, along with awesome animation, mo-cap and camera angles.  We are hoping for the outcome to come close to something like this:

Only, you know....better... cause we rock. *Cough*

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