Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Main Character

So in the stream of important news lately (Supermoons and water on mars), we at Skyride Studios, would also like to share our own big news.  You may have seen images of this man around:

His name is Epios and he is the main character for our video game (City of Rain).   After three years of searching for a character modeler, we found one that is not only amazing at his job, but does what he says he'll do and sticks to the blueprints.  Without further ado, here is the untextured  3d modeled version of Epios:

The level of detail makes me start at him for long periods of time and once he is textured, I can't wait to plug him into the game and start moving his around.  Congrats to both our concept artist Leandro and our character modeler Imran for bringing this character to life in ways I never thought possible.  Humbling to have such professionals on our crew.

Also, as a side bonus, here's a young version of our main Villain, Scythe:

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