Saturday, August 16, 2014

Logo's, Leandro and Lady Lynn

Hello again!  Even though progress might seem slow after reading this post, we have never had more work done all at the same time and we keep on striving through.  So here we go:

As you may have already been able to tell from this blog, we have a new logo:

Our amazing concept artist Leandro used to be/is a fantastic graphic designer and helped us come up with this new bad boy.  We love it and can't wait to start plastering it on our screenshots/website/etc.

Leandro's also been able to concept out our very first locked character for City of Rain.  Meet Willow:

(did you notice the new logo.  Yeah we know, it rocks!)  Later on in the game you will be fighting this insanely huge man.  I think the main character only comes up to his waist height.  When that happens, he will throw off his coat and look like this:

Obviously it goes without saying that Leandro did a outstanding job and we should all give him compliments and check out more of his work on his deviant art page:

Lady Lynn's Mansion:

A little back-story about Lady Lynn before we get started is that she is the wealthiest person in the city and it was her money that actually financed the creation of Rain the city as well.

I'm pretty excited to announce that Lady Lynn's mansion is complete (minus furniture and other set dressings) so here's a few pics:

This is outside the main gate where you will enter at.  Currently as you walk up to the gate, the gate opens and lets you climb the stairs up.

Once you enter the front, you are greeted by double staircases and massive chandeliers.  The walls and ceiling are cool because they reflect this gold design that shines as you move around.

In the center of the building is a courtyard.  I made hedges (my first vegetation models) and planted some flowers and unique plants that you'll only be able to see at Lady Lynn's.

So that about wraps up this new entry.  By the next we should have Willow 3D modeled and I will give you a step by step breakdown on how we transfer these ideas from script, to concept, to 3D model to finish product.  So stay tuned Screen Slavers and have a lovely weekend.

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