Sunday, June 22, 2014

Carts, Cloth and Concepts

Well hello everyone.  Been a super busy time since the last post.   We've had some great progress on the game and I have a few screenshots I'd like to share with you.  First up is carts.

It took me a little bit of hunting down but I finally found a workflow for creating cloth.  This was excellent news because I made a food vendor cart and I wanted it to have a cloth top.  So I worked some CryEngine magic and BAM:

What's awesome is as soon as you start the game, the cloth sways and moves with the wind.  I'll be uploading a video later once I get further along with more props.  For the cart I also tested out making a life-like lightbulb. I didn't want just a glowing orb, I wanted a clear, shiny outside and glowing filament on the inside. Like a normal lightbulb.  Not sure if I like it better or not, but it defiantly adds a certain something.

Next, after the cart I wanted to add more cloth.  The best place was a mansion I created for the game where I could add some curtains.   Sadly, the mansion wasn't textured yet so I spent a few days texturing it so I could add in some amazingly huge curtains in front of the windows.  Here's a look at how it turned out:

Granted the building still needs a LOT done before it's finished, but it was fun to push the curtains around with the character and watch them sway and move.  I also added some cool shiny textures in the wall which I think add a nice rich feeling to the place.  Colors and everything aren't locked in yet but it's enough to get you a idea.

While all this fun was going on, I got our first concept drawing from Leandro.  He had just finished reading the script and wanted to draw out how he saw the main character Epios.  This is what he came up with: (click image to view bigger)
I showed them around the team and we all really loved them.  We are currently tweaking a couple of them and narrowing down the choices to ones we think will fit the story best.  

So that's our quick little update.  Hope you've enjoyed it and we can't wait to share what else we are working on.  See you later.

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