Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One step forward, six steps back

Sooooooo, I know I promised that I'd have buildings made to show by the end of the week but I ran into a small problem....

As I was learning more tips and tricks to CryEngine 3 it dawned on me that I also need to learn a 3D program like Maya or 3D Studio Max so that I can build these custom buildings and place them inside my level.  "Nothing too bad, I'll just download it and install it." I thought to myself.

As I did, my computer stopped me and long story short, I didn't have enough hard drive space on my windows partition to do so.  "No biggy, I'll just quickly resize my partition."  I again thought to myself. One page of online research lead to a day and at the end of the day I was stuck with one option left....  make a image copy of my windows and everything on it, back it up to a hard drive, delete and resize my partition.  I did so, but then the backup wouldn't load back up.... I understand the irony.

So, to summarize three days later, I have a fresh install of windows and all my programs, but my levels in CryEngine and everything on the old back up are long gone and never returning. **along with all my still photos from my old computer (-_-) **

So instead of having new things added to my level (which was too small anyways) I've made a newer/better/bigger level of the same thing and today have managed to add trees, veg, etc.  Tonight I will add in the river and waterfall back in and be on my way to exactly where I was a week ago.  Yay.

However, since I have learned more in my time watching tutorials, I've decided to play around a little with Depth of Field, blur, sizes and flares.  Here are a few screen shots:

Even though I'm super mad about the backtrack, I'm sure in the long run this was meant to be.  Enjoy and I'll see you in about a week.

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