Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 1 and 2

Last night I started my long faze of video game development.  After a long debate with myself on what engine to use to best serve my needs, I ended up choosing CryEngine 3.  The outdoor graphics and ease of the editor were my tipping points.

So after three weeks of watching tutorials and waiting for my new macbook pro to be shipped to me, last night I finally got the chance to test out the waters by turning one of feature film scripts into a video game (City of Rain).

Here is a pic from the level dev I did last night:

Pretty basic and simple.  A mountainous valley.  Nothing special. Inside the valley there will be a thriving city called "RAIN" that is only open at night.  

I decided to start easy and work on trees, veg and grass first.  After a day of doing chores and playing around, this is the result I got:

Needless to say, I am pretty happy with the results.  I hope that by the end of the month I'll have my thriving city built, working and populated.  (If I don't get called on too many more film projects this month.)

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