Friday, April 3, 2020

A Night In Kyosaka

Good news!  Skyride Studios has started work on a new visual novel game! "A Night In Kyosaka".

Our production pipeline will go as follows: Demo--Funding--Full game-- Release.

Our goal will be to premiere our finished game at 2021 Anime Expo along with a booth in Artist Alley where we will sell physical copies of the game.  (More on that as the game progresses)

This game will be very different than Neon Tide was as we are implementing a more interactive approach along with fully voiced and animated 2D, hand-drawn characters.  Since our hiatus, after launching Neon Tide, we have been working hard figuring out gameplay mechanics while creating a story we think a lot of you will be interested in.

We will showcase those ideas throughout the coming year and a half of production.  Until then, stay safe and healthy and we will be back again soon!

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