Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sludge, sweets and sewers

Hello and welcome back.  We've been in the background continuing to work on the game and it's finally starting to come together.  More bigger news later this month.  For now, lets start with the alleys:

Lately I've been hard at work making every single prop in order to make this town feel like a town.  Cardboard boxes, crates, pipes, stairs, trash cans, etc.  You name it, I modeled it.....and lit it....and added animation to get the idea.

We here at Skyride like the "Hands off" approach when it comes to gameplay.  We will set up areas with specific treasures to find, but we don't want to have to blatantly point out where you need to go next.  Characters and props will help lead the way.  One of the cool concepts we are going to do incorporate are posters in the city like this:

Even those these posters won't be moving, they will be plastered around town and will "magically" change their image depending on where you need to go next.  So incase you ever get lost or can't seen to figure out what to do next, all you'll have to do is track down a poster and you'll get a good hint.  This hint is what you'll get when you first arrive in the city and need to get a place to live while you are here.

RainChecks are the in-game currency you use to buy things.  You will not need to buy fake money with your credit card, because this game is a non pay-to-win game and we feel like if you bought the game, we don't need anymore cash from you. (You're welcome.)

Another big idea we've been bouncing around are the idea of sewers.  Since it's a city of Rain, there sewer system should be large and vast.  We didn't want to make this game about living in the sewer and hiding with the mole people because we want to force the player to interact with the people in the city.  So to meet in the middle, we hid a secret underground room somewhere in the level (no, we aren't telling you where and good luck finding it) and as a bonus we put someone special living inside that room.  Take a look:

We might add some special weapons or a loot of money or something cool in this room later, but for now, it's just a sewer room.

So that basically wraps up the latest on our end.  Hopefully you start to get an idea of the feeling of the game as well as how some of the gameplay might be.  Keep an eye out this month for big news about our characters and we will see you next time screen slavers.

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