Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Programming a professional

Greetings again!  Everyone is probably at E3 right now but you'll all take a break to read this blog.

We have a new team member for Skyride Studios and best of all it's a position we've tried to fill for a long time........*Drops curtain*

A PROGRAMMER!  *confetti*

Meet Chuck Scott:

Chuck has worked at EA as a QA tester for years and even longer than that he has worked various fields in the I.T. department.  His coding skills are in C++ and he's got knowledge in windows, mac and linux based systems.  We are so excited to have him on the team and can't wait to show off his skills.

In other news Rico, our Character Designer has been hard at work modeling a few of the supporting cast for the game; Dionysus and Willow:

Rico's been hard at work learning correct procedure on how to best implement these character into the game engine and since they are beginning to look so fantastic, we ourselves can't wait to see them in action.

On another front Luis, our composer has been cooking up some beautiful music.  I shared a little sample of it a few posts ago but lately we wanted to see how the forest song (the first song you'll hear in the game) worked with the visuals of the forest (the first location you'll be when the game starts) so we compiled the two together and created a little simple test video.  Check it out in HD in fullscreen (it's worth it)

A lot of exciting stuff happening so keep an eye out throughout the year.  Other than that we will see you later ScreenSlavers.

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