Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Pics and clicks

Hey all, been busy as usual. Lots of interesting things happening on this front. So far a few set backs. Firstly, we've updated our game engine (still Cryengine 3) but since they restructured the innards, we are doing a rehaul on the level. Cleaning things up and making them look better than ever. I've managed to start the opening first level out in a forest during sunset and as you follow the trail over to a overlook, the sun starts to go down and by the time you reach the city at the bottom, it will be nighttime and the city will be thriving with people/stores/etc. Since they've upgraded the engine, that means more better features and beautiful scenery so here is a screenshot (untouched in photoshop or anything) of the lookout point where you will see the whole city at the start of the game:

As of now, the new engine supports flares (lighting and sun) which is awesome for us cause we will have plenty in the game (not as many as JJ Abrams or anything but subtle and mostly used in a color correction sort of'll see.)

Also our composer Luis has been hard at work still making some BEAUTIFUL music for the game.  Here is a new song and one you will hear a lot in different variations throughout the game.  It's the main characters theme song:

We are super excited and have a few surprises for 2014 so keep a eye out and we will keep working hard on our end.  Happy Holidays from all of us here at Skyride Studios and we hope you all will have a fantastic new year!

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