Saturday, September 1, 2012

Halfway to Insanity

Lately, I've tried to complete 3 separate objectives on CryEngine 3 and all 3 objects were left halfway finished due to, well, insufficient information.

Objective 1:  Create fireflies.

The closest I could come up with was either a singular light floating around or a bunch of bugs that I tried to make into movable lights crawling on the ground.  Needless to say I was disgruntled (I messed around on them for about a week)

Objective 2:  Create a bridge.

This one was going well until I had to import the bridge from 3DS Max into CryEngine.  For some reason, the CryEngine exporter claimed I had something called "Degenerative faces" and wouldn't allow the bridge to be exported to CryEngine.  After searching online and reading up, I've come to the conclusion I have no idea (even from the definition) what a degenerative face is. (Although I was trying to understand this at 2am a few nights ago.)  I need to give another re-try here in a bit.

**UPDATE**:   I found out what a Degenerative face is and have successfully fixed the issue after only three hours of looking around. 

As you can see above, I have imported my custom bridge into CryEngine and even have a man standing in the middle of it.  Next to build the house that the bridge leads to that sits on stilts above the water.

Objective 3: Create cobble stone.

This one is my most current upset and as of 30 mins ago, my most current success.  Last night I thought, "Screw 3DS Max for right now, I'll just work within CryEngine for the moment while I ponder on my other obstacles.  In doing so I watched a 45min demo (twice) while I followed along and mimicked making the cobble stone from Photoshop (which I am pretty pro at) and moving it to CryEngine.

Inside CryEngine there is a function that turns the cobble stone from a flat layer like this:

And transforms it to a 3D layer called "P.O.M." like this:

However, even after following the instructions step by step I could not get it to apply the P.O.M.  I even went as far as deleting the CryEngine software and re-installing it (a friend on the CryEngine Forums told me when making the fireflies that I might need to do that).

After the re-install it still didn't work.  I was furious.  After messing with more settings, I finally got it to work.  VICTORY IS MINE!

All in all, I will continue working on the project but wasn't expecting so many hiccups.

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