Thursday, October 26, 2017

Neon Tide

Hello.  Know it's been awhile but after the last project not going the way we wanted, we decided to take a break.  But no worries, we are back now and with a new project!  A cyberpunk graphic novel called "Neon Tide" we just started.  Here's a link to chapter 1 part 1:   Neon Tide Graphic Novel

We've created a patreon account incase you want access to extras like music, source files, exclusive looks, etc.  You can access our patreon page here where we've posted the main theme song for the project:   Our Patreon page

Keep an eye out for more panels at the beginning of the month and hopefully you enjoy the series.  You may even see some City of Rain elements if you look hard enough.  (^_^)

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